About Me

My name is Maura Donnelly, I am 20 years old studying Communications/Public Relations with a minor in Journalsim at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia. Every summer I travel somewhere around the world to learn about different cultures, lifesyles, ways of communicating, and so on. Through my travels I have learned a lot about the importance of communicating with others as well as the importance of a sense of adventure in life.

Photography and writing are both a big part of my life. When traveling I like to take lots of pictures to remeber all of the amazing places and people I've met. A lot of these photogrpahs can be found on my travel instagram, @mdonnellyphotography. I also keep a travel journal which is currently being converted into a travel blog, so keep an eye out for that!

Through my travels and cultural immersions I hvae learned a lot about myself and what my passions are. I hope to combine my passions for travel and phototraphy into a fruitful career in the social media marketing or public relations feilds. I am a very meticulos person and no detail is too small to focus on, because every detail comes together to form a story. I beilve in team work, lifiting others up is how you can succeed as well and I make sure that collaborting with peers plays a factor into projects as well as work.

Final Reflection