My Final Reflection

Emotional and Responsive Design

A lot of this semester was spent working towards understanding the importance of different design concepts and applying them to our own websites. Utilizing the concepts we learned I tried to create a minimalistic,clean, appeling website for people to enjoy. The beauty in learning how to code is the ability to change something as you learn and grow-which applys to my website. At the start of the semster the page was a mess of random links that we had used to pratice coding activites but it has since evovled. I think my website does a good job of evoking a relaxed feeling. I struggled a little bit at first with making decisions for my website becuase they fetl so permanent, and I felt a little bit self-concoius about these decisions because I did not want my site to look 'under-developed' in any way; or childish. I decided to start with small things and work towards bigger things. It was difficult at first because I was having trouble finding colors that I thought looked good with the black, whites and greys of the font and pages. I chose "firebrick" to use as an accent and I think it adds a bit of excitment to the page. My inital sketches look nothing like my current website, mainly because I hit so many bumps in the road I had to make changes if I liked it or not! I orginally had a more colorful website, but as I was adding colors I found myself getting really overwhelmed by the code as well as the actual design; I decided then to stick with a black/white/grey color scheme because I find it to be more appealin and less overwhelming. I do think that in the next few weeks I would like to add more photogrpahs to my portfolio silders, and add little things like social media icons to make the website seem a bit more "professional" or reach more people my age.

Then and Now

From the first project to the second I can say with confidance I have grown, not only in my coding skills but my design skills as well. I now have a much deeper understanding for webdesign and how things are made/ put together. I have to admit I was not sure I would be able to code AN ENTIRE WEBSITE! It was such a daunghting thought because that is something done in a profession, not something most college students are tasked with. At first I was not sure if I was going to be able to do this, because I felt as if I had forgotten all the coding knowledge I had spent so mcuh time trying to learn. I was pleasantly surprised to see what I was able to do with the huge amount of information I learned this semster. I tend to code while I'm at work, I lifeguard and when people don't come into the pool I can get some work done. I found it extremely relaxing to code while listening to the pool water, if it was not so cold out I would have loved to code outside! I definately think I'm comfortable with coding. While it might not be my favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon I know that if tasked with creating something of this scale and effort I would be able to produce quality results. I would like to learn more about cool things to add to my website, we see so many different webpages a day I would love to have my website be one that people enjoy being on. I would also like to learn more short cuts to code because I think it would be more enjoyable for me if it was a bit less time consuming. My skills have developed and I want that to shine through my webite, but there is always room to grow!