Maura Elizabeth Donnelly


Growing up in New York City has allowed me to witness a diverse and eclectic world right in my own backyard. I have always been ennamored with the arts but as I learned and grew in my education I found a passion for Communications and Public Relations. I enjoy incorporating my love of the arts and my passion for Communications, Journalism, and Public Relations to create responsive media for consumers.


Bachelor of Arts, Communication Studies- Saint Joseph's University

  1. Major: Communication Studies/Public Relations
  2. Minor: Journalism

Sacred Heart Academy, Hempstead NY

  1. Advanced Regents Diploma
  2. Fine Arts Program and honors
  3. Long Island Thespian of the Year Award

Notable Skills

  1. Advanced Knowledge of American Sign Language and Deaf Culture
  2. CPR/AED/First Aid/Ocean Rescue/Blood Pathogen/Emergency Response Certified
  3. Leadership in Divison 1 Atheltetics
  4. Profecent in Wordpress, Adobe, Microsoft, Social Media, Cannon Ti 6


  1. Phi Sigma Sigma-Iota Roh Chapter (2018-present)
  2. Assitant Pool Director (2018-present)
  3. Think Pink Club (2017-presnet
  4. Saint Josephs University Womens Rowing (2016- present)
  5. Service Learning - Saint Martin DePorres Reginal School (2016-2017)
  6. Lifeguarding and Coaching (2015- present)
  7. Community Mainstreaming Associates-Voulnteer Sector (2014-present)