Resume Reflection

When this course first began I had no clue what it mean to truly “write” in code. I had never thought of coding as a form of writing. As a journalism minor I strictly thought of writing as telling a story or creating one. For one thing writing for print or the web is very different from writing in code. If something is wrong in “normal” writing a red line will appear and it will point out the direct issue. With code the end will be red and you have to comb through lines and lines of code to figure out where your issue is. When it comes to coding there is no spell check or automatic corrector, so unlike writing for web or print on a computer, you have to figure out what is wrong with what you just wrote out. These two correction aspects challenged me as a designer to pay more meticulous attention to detail. I learned the hard way, if you make a mistake and don’t address it soon it can take a half hour to figure out that you accidentally misspelled height or added too many 0’s for a color choice, which can be frustrating. I also think of coding as almost a visual form of writing. When it comes to print writing the only real visual aspect of your work is reading it. When we started uploading our code through FileZila, not only was I able to read my code line for line, I was able to see what I had written as object framed and spaced out on the page. I do see many similarities in writing for both print and for code. The layout aspect of print is very important because if you have a word limit you must adhere to it. If you write over the word count the story might not physically fit on the page. When it comes to coding if you do not float your sections correctly they can overlap and visually look as it they do not fit on the web page, or your writing might go outside of the box and can make the design look confusing for viewers.  

Up until two weeks ago my resume gave me such a headache, I found my color choices clashed and I did not like the visual layout of my resume. I had to sit down for a few hours and really think about what I wanted things to look like and what I wanted other people to think of me as a designer because many employers will see my website before they get to know me. This project challenged me because my prior experience with coding was very different to what we are learning and doing in web design class now. I got easily discouraged in the beginning of the semester because I thought it was nearly impossible to get this far in my coding abilities but I’m so proud of my work now! Floating was really difficult for me at first because my writing kept overlapping the float and other minor issues kept occurring. When I spoke of these other issues with classmates I was surprised that I was not alone with floating problems. I was successful in my attempts to float after many trials and errors. If I had more time to work on this project I would have liked to experiment with more fonts and colors to see if I could have mastered the perfect color theme but I am happy with the various shades of grey. I also think I would have taken more of a risk with the layout, because it is a pretty standard set up as far as everyone else’s resumes are concerned. I’m very happy with my successes in coding for this project because in August I did not think I would have the skills and knowledge that I have right now. In terms of coding and ability to code I think I’m pretty confident in my ability to code the basics (font, line spacing, floating, etc.). In terms of design I believe I’m above average in ability to sketch and produce ideas but below average in being able to execute them on the screen; this might have to do with timing and ability at this current moment which can change as the semester continues.